Buda gets a new zero-waste store for plastic-free shopping

Photo : Sándor Csudai / We Love Budapest
ne pazarolj zero-waste shop

Milk is on tap and wholegrain pasta is displayed in bulk at a new eco-friendly shop, aptly called ne pazarolj, or No Waste. At this District II outlet in Buda, even detergents come in loose quantities and have been created in accordance with a sustainable lifestyle. There are no plastic wrapping papers or synthetic bottles – shoppers bring their own containers and canvas bags to pack their purchases. Meanwhile, anyone can linger for a coffee or a pastry.

A new plastic-free destination is encouraging customers to reduce their ecological footprint and cut down on using synthetic materials, even when it comes to product packaging. Found between riverfront Bem József tér and the Király Baths, the ne pazarolj zero-waste shop is constantly expanding its range of merchandise, which currently includes a selection of foodstuffs from nuts to organic spices to oils and flour, all displayed in bulk, inside large wooden containers. But you’ll also find farm vegetables, cane sugar and muesli, ingredients for a healthy breakfast.

Photo: Sándor Csudai / We Love Budapest

For buying solid products, nicely designed canvas bags are offered for purchase or jars are given away by the shop for free. Customers can also bring their own bags and containers to fill them with the desired quantity of any given product. Washing and cleaning detergents are also proffered using the same system.

Photo: Sándor Csudai / We Love Budapest

But this is also the place to buy a toothbrush made of bamboo or a composting system for organic recycling. In the pipeline are discussions and workshops in line with the shop’s principles.

Photo: Sándor Csudai / We Love Budapest
Photo: Sándor Csudai / We Love Budapest

Budapest is full of green initiatives and sustainability is on the increase. All around the city, at bars and festivals, locals have been trying to reduce their ecological footprint by introducing reusable glasses and recycled paper trays, and encouraging guests not to use straws with their drinks. Ligeti Bolt was the first zero-waste shop to open on the Pest side of town earlier this year.

Ne pazarolj – zero-waste shop and café
  • District II, Fő utca 79
  • Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 10am-2pm