Authentic Greek eatery opens in downtown Budapest

Photo : Gábor Szabó / We Love Budapest

Greek eatery Blue Agori has just opened on ever-changing Madách tér, right in the heart of Budapest. For the time being, its remit is pretty straightforward – quality kebabs, partaken on the busy terrace or in the tasteful interior, surroundings where friends or business associates can sit down and dine in comfort. Authentic Greek tzatziki, olives and spices complement the feast.

Long-term Budapest resident Stavros Koranis, originally from Salonika, has long dreamed of opening a decent street-food outlet, the kind of place where his compatriots would also feel at home and gather. Such is Blue Agori, without the negative trappings or smells of the usual late-night, takeaway kebab place. Even the terrace will soon be geared for winter.

Photo: Gábor Szabó / We Love Budapest

Once Koranis has sniffed out more supply sources, the menu will expand. For the time being, diners can tuck into kebabs, either in pitta bread (990 HUF) or as a platter (1,690 HUF), served with home-made spicy fries, or a souvlaki platter (1,950 HUF). A Greek salad is 1,190 forints while dips include tyrokafteri with peppers and feta cheese, which also spices up the souvlaki meat.

Photo: Gábor Szabó / We Love Budapest

As well as creating a dessert selection, plans include opening a branch on the Buda side, where a dearth of Greek eateries should help guarantee success. Here in downtown Pest, an authentic Balkan lunch or early-evening meal can be enjoyed at affordable prices.


Blue Agori

District V. Madách út 1

Open: Mon-Fri 11am-10pm; Sat-Sun noon-10pm