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See top international ice hockey in Budapest this week

Photo : László Mudra / MJSz

You know that winter is coming when a major ice-hockey tournament comes to Budapest. Four teams, including Hungary and Italy, will be doing battle on the ice at the Tüskecsarnok in a four-day event running until Saturday evening. At the same time, two other mini-tournaments are taking place elsewhere in Budapest, one involving Hungary’s women’s team, the other the under-20s. The men’s team, due to take part in the 2019 IIHF World Championship Division I in Astana next April, face future hosts Kazakhstan tomorrow at 4pm at the Tüskecsarnok.

Coached by Finns with major international experience, Hungary’s men’s and women’s national ice-hockey teams are both in action in Budapest this week.

Photo: László Mudra / MJSz

Under Jari Risku, the women’s team are preparing for the Division 1A Group World Championship with matches against China and Denmark, with knock-out rounds to follow. Admission is free to these games at the Kaposztásmegyer rink, which will also be the stage for the world finals next spring.

Photo: László Mudra / MJSz

As for the men’s team, coach Jarmo Tolvanen struck a positive note at the pre-tournament press conference: “Last season, our coaching team got to know the players, all 56 of them. Our aim was to find the right tactics to play successful matches, highlighting players and team strengths. Our current goals now include finding new faces and new names. This is especially true for young players. I would like to give them more and more chances to prove themselves, helping them reach international level. We have a lot of new ideas for our tactics, looking for more successful systems. We want to find the most optimal configuration, the strongest line-ups”.

Photo: László Mudra / MJSz

Tolvanen’s men’s team take on Kazakhstan tomorrow, South Korea on Friday at 7.30pm and Italy on Saturday at 4pm. Their games take place at the Tüskecsarnok, just over Petőfi Bridge in Buda. Ticket prices for matches involving Hungary are 2,990-3,390 forints (under-14s 1,490 forints, under-4s free), and for all other games, 900 forints each. All four-day passes have already sold out. All English-language ticket information can be found here.

Photo: László Mudra / MJSz

Women’s matches also take place between 7-10 November, at the Jégpalota in Kaposztásmegyer, admission free.


Jégpalota, Kaposztásmegyer

District IV. Homoktövis 1



District XI. Magyar tudósok körútja 7


More details can be found on the website of the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation.