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Alohomora! New Harry Potter themed escape game awaits witty wizards in Budapest

Photo : Timetrap

Still waiting on that letter from Hogwarts? Well, if you are a true Potterhead, you can now prove your outstanding wizarding abilities at Budapest’s new magic-based and English-friendly escape game. Harry Potter’s one and only godfather, Sirius Black, is imprisoned in Azkaban, but if you put your wits to the test, using your knowledge of magical artefacts and your deductive skills, it might turn out you have what it takes to set Sirius free. Then again, as the only wizard ever to escape from deadly Azkaban he might actually be alright, but will you? On your broomsticks, you only have 75 minutes of ‘sirius’ fun. And be aware that the dementors are after you.

As you arrive at Erzsébet körút 17 – take tram 4-6 to Wesselényi utca – after a quick preparation you will be locked into The Room of Hidden Things, where all you need to do is find the magical artefacts that will help you in your quest. The game is cleverly built; quirky clues and startling conundrums keep coming your way while you try to crack the code that will finally set you all – and Sirius, of course – free. You do not actually have to be a Potter know-it-all to get through, but some knowledge will certainly help. We cannot really reveal more, but hey, you get to venture into a wonderful wizarding world. And yes, you can use a magic wand.

Photo: Timetrap

Something even more unusual about the Prisoners of Azkaban is that instead of the usual one hour, you have 75 minutes to break free. The game is straightforward and certainly solvable for teams of 2 to 6. Somebody who knows everything – Dumbledore aka the game master – is always watching you from the outside, so should you encounter any flaws or problems, or need a little hint or clue, you can contact them any time. This room is fun for all ages, but bear in mind that you have to be at least eight years old to play here. So, will you still be a fan of Harry Potter after all this time? We think you know the answer.


How to get there: Get on your broomsticks – or tram 4-6 – and fly to Wesselényi utca. From there, Erzsébet körút 17 is a stone’s throw away. Dial 30 on the buzzer and they open up.

Price: 16,000 HUF / team

Booking and more information on Timetrap’s website.