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Lukács Baths open for special starlit bathing

Photo : Szent Lukács Baths

Buda’s centuries-old Lukács Baths are a haven for soakers thanks to fine-quality thermal waters supplied by a 30-meter-deep spring in the János Molnár Cave. On designated nights this winter, this historic spa is offering bathers extended opening hours for starlit relaxation. Szent Lukács Night is being staged on February 9th and 23rd, and again on March 9th and 23rd, when bathers can enjoy the hot-water pools and range of healing amenities until 2am. Guests are also treated to fruit, refreshing lemonades, hot tea and mineral water. Those with a VIP ticket can join special sauna sessions.

Budapest’s night-time activities go beyond visiting bars. On occasion, the city’s venerable baths stay open late into the night, allowing guests to enjoy spa delights after dark. In the case of the Lukács, this is on specific upcoming days from 8pm to 2am. With its mineral-rich thermal waters, this is the perfect place to warm chilled bones while lounging in one of its many pools indoors and out. Saunas include a steam room and a cozy chamber lined with Himalayan salt, with a range of other rejuvenating amenities also on offer at this medical mecca.

Photo: Krisztián Bódis / We Love Budapest

Tickets are available from 4,000 forints, while those who purchase VIP passes (6,000 forints) can sign up for special sauna services beginning on the hour, the first session starting at 9pm and the last at 1am. Passes are available at the ticket counter of the Lukács Baths from the last Saturday before the upcoming spa night a week hence, through to 10pm on the evening of the event.

Lukács Bath
  • 1023 Budapest, Frankel Leó utca 25-29.