California couple creates new video series of “Budapest Stories”

Photo : Pier to Pier Brokers, Inc. YouTube channel

A newly released video series takes viewers on a comprehensive tour of Budapest’s diverse attractions, featuring alluring high-definition scenery shot with professional-quality cinematography enhanced by soaring drone footage and stunning time-lapse sequences. Surprisingly, this program is not produced by Travel Channel, but by a husband-and-wife team of real-estate brokers based in Hermosa Beach, California, who are apparently so impassioned with Hungary’s capital that they independently created “Budapest Stories” as a shared labor of love.

Blake and Diana Roberts founded California’s Pier to Pier Brokers, Inc. in 2011, and along with buying and selling a prime selection of properties along the Pacific coast south of Los Angeles, they maintain a quite active YouTube channel. Most of the high-quality videos that they post are related to their brokerage work, but recently the couple released an 11-episode video series of short “Budapest Stories”, highlighting numerous landmarks and cultural draws of the Magyar metropolis.

Photo: Pier to Pier Brokers, Inc. YouTube channel

Charmingly hosted by Diana – a Budapest native who moved to the USA at age 19, but who frequently visits her hometown – the videos present monumental sights and experiences of Hungary’s capital all shot in high-definition footage with friendly commentary, such as the first episode at Széchenyi Bath:

In the second episode, Diana explores the cherished role of coffee in Budapest culture, while she and Blake take on the city’s legendary nightlife scene for episode 3. Episode 4 includes some impressive panoramic scenery as Diana wanders around the Buda Castle, visiting a folk-art fair along the way:

Episode 5 presents some classics of Hungarian cuisine – including paprika chicken and palacsinta dessert pancakes – while the sixth episode finds Diana out on the Tihany Peninsula of Hungary’s Lake Balaton, which she calls the “Lake Tahoe of Central Europe”:

In episode 7, Diana visits Buda’s renowned Várfok Gallery to view modern Hungarian art, before returning to the bustle of central Pest at the Great Market Hall for episode 8. In the ninth episode, Diana boards a Danube riverboat to watch the magnificent fireworks display on St. Stephen’s Day:

Rounding out the last two episodes, Diana leads viewers through a pair of City Park landmarks, Heroes’ Square and Vajdahunyad Castle. Finally, for anyone who wants a short overview of the California couple’s complete Hungary adventures, Blake and Diana also produced a five-minute compilation including footage from all 11 “Budapest Stories” episodes:

While we doubt that Diana and Blake will give up their beachfront day job to start producing travel videos full-time, we hope that they shoot more “Budapest Stories” during their next Hungary visit!