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“Museum+” evenings return at Budapest’s Hungarian National Gallery

Photo : László Balkányi / We Love Budapest

Most museums are quiet sites for viewing educational displays in a state of solitary introspection… but during “Museum+” evenings at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest’s Castle District, lively crowds gather among Magyar masterpieces to celebrate diverse artworks linked by various themes, all enlivened with concerts, lighthearted workshops, and other festive attractions. The autumn 2017 season of this monthly event series begins with the “Museum+ Avantgarde” evening on Thursday, September 14th, complete with an English-language tour, a dance performance, and wine tastings.

The Hungarian National Gallery’s increasingly popular “Museum+” series aims to encourage the public to enjoy this edifying institution less as a formal treasury of Magyar-made artworks dating back centuries, and more as a living establishment fostering modern-day culture by highlighting assorted aesthetic achievements from ancient history through contemporary times. While visitors are encouraged to admire the exhibitions during “Museum+” evenings, they can also enjoy creative presentations and tasteful offers centered around a certain theme, further enchaning their intellectual spirit.

Photo: Hungarian National Gallery Facebook page

During the first of autumn’s “Museum+” events beginning at 6pm on September 14th, various elements of avant-garde creativity from past and present are brought together through varied programs. An English-language guided tour begins at 6:15pm to showcase aspects of 19th-century Hungarian art, while a dance performance fills the museum’s grand Dome Hall at 7pm, and the Párniczky Quartet plays an hourlong “Bartók Electrified” concert beginning at 8:30pm – and throughout the evening, guests are welcome to enjoy delicious glassfuls from Hungary’s Dubicz Winery.

Photo: Hungarian National Gallery Facebook page

Entry to “Museum+” evenings costs 2,800 forints; for complete details about the September 14th event, check out the official Hungarian National Gallery website. Looking ahead, upcoming “Museum+” evenings include events focused on folklore (October 12th), retro (November 16th), and Christmas (December 14th).