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Budapest announces plans for a new bridge over the Danube

Photo : Norbert Juhász/We Love Budapest
Budapest announces plans for a new bridge over the Danube

Since Budapest’s Chain Bridge opened to traffic in 1849 as the city’s first permanent Danube span, several river crossings were established throughout Hungary’s capital to connect Buda and Pest, including many masterpieces across the city center. However, Budapest’s southernmost districts – including the city’s Csepel Island – lack easy access across the Danube, with Rákóczi Bridge being the closest river span to these industrial precincts within the city limits. Now a new international tender invites applicants to close this gap in southern Budapest by designing a new Danube bridge.

According to a recently launched tender, Budapest is calling for architects from around the world to design what may become the city’s next postcard-superstar landmark. Dubbed as the New Danube Bridge, this fresh river crossing would span southern Buda’s Galvani Road with Illatos Road on the Pest side through Csepel Island, an underdeveloped post-industrial zone in the Hungarian capital. The contest is open to multi-disciplinary teams that are requested to submit design plans for a bridge that would feature three lanes for motorized vehicles in both directions.
Budapest announces plans for a new bridge over the Danube
Photo: Norbert Juhász/We Love Budapest

The idea of a new span in southern Budapest has been under consideration for decades, but due to lack of funds the project was put off until recently, when the KKBK Nonprofit Zrt. – the organization that manages major Budapest developments – invited renowned international firms to participate in the contest. In addition to the applicants that were already registered to join the competition, participation is still available for five more teams of experts who can submit their application through the project’s official website. The English-language page presents all of the necessary information for potential applicants, who are requested to send in the necessary documentation for pre-qualifications by July 31st the latest.

When the New Danube Bridge opens to traffic, this fresh southern Budapest landmark will divert traffic from the city’s highly frequented downtown spans, while it will provide easy access to Csepel Island and offer prospects for the area’s further development.