The Czakó Piacz farmers’ market is a fresh Budapest food source

Photo : Gábor Szabó/We Love Budapest
The Czakó Piacz farmers’ market is a fresh Budapest food source

It is always welcome news when a new farmers’ market pops up in Budapest. In mid-March, friendly vendors from all over Hungary first set up their stalls in Czakó Kert – a laid-back hangout in Buda’s Tabán district – to proffer organic produce, quail eggs, mouthwatering meats, tasty cheeses, and countless other domestic specialties amid the rustic, rural, and friendly atmosphere of the garden of an old Hungarian peasant house.

Czakó Kert
  • 1016 Budapest, Czakó utca 15.
Last summer, the lovely garden of one of the oldest houses of the Tabán district – the hilly area on the Buda side between the Castle District and Gellért Hill – was opened to the public thanks to the owners of Gerlóczy Café. Czakó Kert now operates as a rustic open-air hangout with a rural atmosphere, and from now on, it also houses a farmers’ market every Saturday. The market was dreamed up by two Hungarian ladies, Edina Mihály and Luca Várady; Edina organized Szimpla Háztáji for five years, while Luca is the business manager of Czakó Kert. Their main concept was to gather the best producers from all around the country, and now it’s not surprising news that some of them are also found at the farmers’ market at Szimpla Kert on Sundays. There are some farmers whose produce cannot be found elsewhere in the city, such as the chili sauces and jams of Dávid Fábi (aka “Mr. Mayhem”), made of self-produced chili paprika; besides online orders, this is only available at Czakó Piacz.
Photo: Gábor Szabó/We Love Budapest
Going to a farmers’ market is an exciting treasure hunt: we can come across products and tastes that we would never find on the shelves of supermarkets. “Nánási portéka” proffers delicious marmalade specialties and pickles, while just thinking of the handcrafted cheeses of the “Nárcisz Birtok Kézműves Sajtmanufaktura” makes our mouths water, as we tasted superb garlic-dill smear cheese, and matured thyme and herb cheeses at their stall.
Photo: Gábor Szabó/We Love Budapest
It is also worthwhile to spend some time at the stall of the “Fazenda Farm”, as their sea buckthorn drink and marmalade – made of sea buckthorn coming from a several-hectare farm – are truly tasty, but they also offer hams, sausages, and hurka. For cold-pressed sunflower oil and walnuts go to “Eleven Gazdaság”, while quail eggs and pastas made of them come from Zala county, and “Vita” sprouts are from Erdőkertes. The yogurts and cream cheeses of the “Dombai Jersey Farm” are made of the milk of Jersey cows. However, if you crave products made of goat milk, there are several stands where you can have goat cheese, too.
From “Valeyrac Exotics” we can buy several organic seeds, while “Bloom Flowers” offers cut flowers, wreaths, and bulbs. There are also countless stalls selling tasty, colorful, and fresh fruits, and some never-before-seen products are also found here, such as pollen, which according to a honey vendor is a perfect cure for allergies when applied in a small dose.
Photo: Gábor Szabó/We Love Budapest
When we visited, it was the first farmers’ market ever organized at Czakó Kert, so obviously there will probably be several changes and expansions introduced in the future. However, the opening was already truly promising, even through it was raining that day. At the café they make breakfasts and lunches from the products of the market’s vendors, and to avoid the showers, many marketgoers took shelter in here in between browsing thought the selection of the stands. The market provides a panorama over the city, so is an even friendlier place in nice weather, and the organizers also plan to hold workshops and artisanal activities here in the near future.
Czakó Piacz

 Budapest 1016, Czakó utca 15
Opening hours: Saturdays, 8am-3pm