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The hunt is on for 500 little hearts hidden around Budapest

Photo : Youtube
The hunt is on for 500 little hearts hidden around Budapest

Last year before Valentine’s Day, 100 tiny scarlet crocheted hearts popped up all around Budapest, sweetly surprising all fortunate finders with a lovely little message. Well, it looks like artsy Magyar blogger Marina Bellai has her heart in the right place, as this year she made 500 of these little red tokens of affection and is hiding them citywide, inviting everyone to hunt for hearts once again. With a little help from Marina’s friends, all of the hearts will be hidden around the city before Valentine’s Day, brightening the days of Budapest dwellers with a random act of kindness.

On the one hand, it is obvious that if someone finds a crocheted heart they get to keep it; therefore, they ‘have a heart’. One the other hand, I also wanted to draw people’s attention to the fact that everyone has good inside of them. You do, too! said blogger Marina Bellai about her project. On an average I crocheted 40 hearts per day, using 400 meters of yarn altogether. Then I cut out cards, punched a hole in them, and tied them to the hearts.

To learn more about Marina’s “Have a Heart” project, watch the video below, or check out the Topy’s World Blog.