Delectable sweets at this sweetheart of a place – Édesem

Photo : Balkányi László / We Love Budapest

Those who know Hungarian gastro blogs are sure to already know Szonja’s blog called Édesem. Now she and her family have stepped out of the virtual world and into reality and realised their dreams of opening a confectionery. The sweet spot is located in Kis Rókus Street.

Édesem (Closed)
  • 1024 Budapest, Tizedes utca - Kis Rókus utca sarok
Almost everyone has dreamed of opening their own pub, confectionery or coffee shop at one time or another. There are some who abandon their careers and embark on a new one because one of their friends once complimented their fried eggs. Luckily, there are others who have a dream to open a new place but also offer high quality products. These are the places we love and recommend wholeheartedly.
Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest
We are fans of Szonja Márk’s blog, not just because it is beautifully designed and makes your mouth water, but because from time to time she shares her own superb recipes. Szonja used to be an arts student before becoming a confectioner, making her passion her vocation. We would have thought the next step would be publishing a book, but she took an even more exciting step and opened her own confectionery.
Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest
The shop is rather cute and homey; the walls are covered with pages of József C. Dobos’ book and deers also appear in several places. Even the wrapping paper has deers on it, which pays homage to the work of Viki Hitka.
Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest
A special characteristic of Édesem is that you too can make the cakes and cookies at home, since Szonja publishes all of the recipes on her blog. This is unusual since many chefs keep these secret guarded. However Szonja follows the example of József C. Dobos, whom the Dobos cake was named after, who shared the recipe of his work with the Budapest Trade Corporation, thus making the cake a cult dessert and indeed a Hungaricum.

Naturally, the ingredients are all delicious and of the best quality. The sweets are made with natural and not exactly calorie-free sweeteners like sugar and honey. Of course, as a treat it’s ok and sometimes there are lighter products at Édesem like the coconut milk chia pudding.

We tried the chocolate mousse piled on fried olive milk loaf and the raspberry friand. We can only praise them – we have not had such tasty desserts in a while.
Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest
As for the prices, one slice of cake costs is about 650-750 forints. They are not the cheapest desserts around, but the sweets at Édesem surpass the quality of what most trendy bistros and cafés have to offer. When we exchanged name cards, we chose one with the recipe of the heavenly friand on the back. On the tram, we imagined baking it, but we are sure to return for the real deal.