Padron – Spanish bites & vibes

Photo : Balkányi László - We Love Budapest
Madách Színház

Padron, located in Horányszky utca, is just like the vegetable. The place is named after (a tiny Spanish pepper usually fried in oil and served as a side dish to anything with tapas): simple and great.If you haven’t been to Spain, and you’re itching to taste authentic Spanish dishes, look no further, and head over to Padron.

  • 1085, Budapest, Horánszky utca 10.
Padron is a family business from top to bottom. It all started with Beck Marci’s dream, who had a strong drive to open a place offering Spanish specialties. He wanted quality wines, traditional Spanish dishes,and authentic ingredients. These were the cornerstones, and all that was needed was a little help from the family. Marci’s mother – a former stewardess -, and his father – a sociologist – both came to the rescue, and Marci’s dream was beginning to come true.
Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest
Everyone is having their role
In Padron, all dishes are hundred percent authentic – from Gambas (1190 HUF) through Croquetas (490 HUF) to Tortilla (490 HUF). You can choose from a dozen tapas-powered dishes, with five tiny bowls being a perfect portion for two persons. Tiny is a bit of an exaggeration, though, which will be clear the moment you take a glance at the bowl of pacal (690 HUF).
Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest
How to play it safe in Padron? The first step is ordering a glass of Hungarian wine, then some Spanish bread with toppings of your choice. The seemingly constant presence of famous gastro-bloggers, restaurant owners, star chefs and various public figures is a big plus, because it forces Padron’s staff to bring their very best. Unfortunately Padron won’t teleport you to the beaches of Barcelona, it still does as much as humanly possible to make you feel like as if you were in Spain.
Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest