Bigfish, Budapestian downtown welcomes you!

Photo : Balkányi László - We Love Budapest
Budapesti Történeti Múzeum (Vármúzeum), Budai vár, kiállítás, tányér, gyertyatartó

One of the good news of March was the opening of bigfish replacing an Indian fast-food place opposite to Írók Boltja.It appears to be the first fish place of Budapest right in the middle of the downtown area, or closer Andrássy Street. Fresh fish, paella, fish and chips for takeaway, cool market feeling. Bigfish, thanks for coming.

How much is the fish
For some reason Hungarians tend to be afraid of fish, but we shouldn’t, really. Fish knives are difficult to use, white tablecloth, fish bones, it’s for the rich guys. For us eating fish goes hand in hand with the idea of elegance, but actually it is a much more casual thing. If you don’t want to struggle with the fish knife, just grab that poor animal and break it with your hands!
Before we get into why do we love the brand new bigfish that much, let’s discuss the pros of the fish food. It doesn’t need anything special, some salt and lemon, and let the gourmaniacs have the rest of it. It’s quite nice to wake up near the Dalmatian Coast, hop to the ribarnica (fish market) say good morning (dobro jut) then point at a tempting animal, take it home and prepare it for breakfast. The owner of Budaörsi Halpiac, The Fishmonger and three of his friends wanted to recreate this feeling in Budapest with opening bigfish on Andrássy Square.
It doesn’t mean we only prefer fish from the south; bigfish got deliveries from north and from other prominent harbors. The range of offers depends on the current season. After a quality selection the fresh deliveries arrive to Budaörs then the next stop is the kitchen of bigfish. We had Halkakas opening last summer in Veres Pálné Street as the first contester on the fish places’ market; they have everything from the local area and bigfish offers the best from the international waters. We support this process, more and more fish to Budapest!
The Mecca of pescaterianism
the bigfish
  • 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 44.
The concept is awesome: provide fresh fish for the Budapestians every day, as it would be natural. The Bouillabaisse should taste like you were sitting on Marseille’s beach. The space looks like a pleasant fish market from Pest with the fish lying on their ice bed, the wine and champagne are loaded on pallets. Simple cool signs on the floor and on the counter are helping you to navigate through the offers. You will even find a sink in front of the toilette if you want to be a good boy and wash your hands before meal. The owners wanted to create a bistro-like place where you just come in, point at what you like and they bake it for you.
You will not only find every kind of fish from tilapia to smoked mackerel, but other dishes as well. The soups are different every day, they have fish and chips for takeaway (990 HUF), or you can have a bigger amount of it if you prefer to eat it right away (1490 HUF). Paellas are between 2000 and 3000 HUF, but there are also sandwiches (1290 HUF) and salads (not highly recommended). The wines are a bit overpriced, but the fish’s price is down-to-earth. We love bigfish, because it’s progressive and it’s good for Budapest at the same time.
We’re looking forward to see some tasty shark meat.