The best cookies in Budapest – La Delizia

The best cookies in Budapest - La Delizia

A piece of cake? No, not at all. The main products at La Delizia are cookies. There are over 22 kinds of cookies to chose from at the shop, which will enchant you with its Mediterranean atmosphere for the first time and its unique philosophy later on.

La Delizia – Brittle, crispy, sweet-savory…

The latter can be summarized in two words: healthy joy. People who regard natural ingredients highly besides delicious and home-made flavors will leave the shop satisfied. What you’ll surely find is fantastic aroma, eye-pleasing delicacies, experimenting confectioners, friendly atmosphere and beautiful presentation. Let’s see what’s cookied up in here!
A cloud of powdered sugar
What on Earth does hedonism taste like? Considering the 22 types of cookies, it’s probably sweet. Nothing’s sugar-free and nothing’s artificial, either. Recipes from all over the world are used in a redefined manner to create the La Delizia delicacies. There are times when a masterpiece is born for the first attempt, while at other times a long period of experimenting is required to reach the final version. The most used ingredients are German butter and Hungarian sugar and flour. Furthermore, dried fruits, such as blueberry and pear, and candied orange, lemon or ginger, together with plum jam from Noszvaj are all constant items on the shopping list of La Delizia. In addition, Belgian chocolate and various seeds (mostly walnuts, almonds and nuts) are also among the most used components at the shop.
Variations on a theme
La Delizia offers a wide variety of cookies, that can be split up into nine main categories. There’re those made of whole grain wheat and oat bran, whose health factor is taken to another level by the use of cane sugar. Guests are usually surprised to realize they are actually flavorful. This is due to the drops of chocolate, the dried sour cherry and the combination of apple and cinnamon.
The smaller and more buttery cookies are flavored with either, coconut, pear, almond, marzipan or orange. The almond or chocolate flavored ones meant to dip, which are very popular in Italy, are not only good with coffee but with wines, as well. Then there’s Cocoskiss, a lighter type with coconut, while the lovers of more traditional ones can choose from linzers with different jams. The gourmet line is represented by the chocolate-chili concoction. The reformer delicacies are made with the use of vegatable fat and birch sugar and are lactose-free. If you cannot eat flour, there’s macaron for you, and if you’re allergic to eggs, satisfy your appetite with cereal cookies.
Fed up with bonbon?
Then give cookies as presents, and that in a delicate metal box. The label will surely read “La Delizia”, and if there will be anything else on it depends on you. Any inscriptions are possible: the name of your girlfriend, “sweets for my sweet” or “to remember your days in Budapest”. You can even apply for a regular’s card if you liked the assortment of cookies and want to show more and more people this gastronomic cookie experience.
Pick and stay
The friendly atmosphere, the fine smell of caramel emanating to the street and the excellent hot drinks ensure that cookie won’t be a genre exclusively to the home. Earlier guests were drawn in for a morning drink or an afternoon chat by the quality coffees or the cakes prepared on-site. Such cakes are, for example, the apple tiramisu made of fresh apple puree, the carrot cake, the chocolate mousse with brandy or the meringue, to name only the most popular ones. Today, however, it’s not uncommon for people to order some cookies to accompany the hot drinks or the chat.
Cookies vs. savory scones 1-0
Why would you want to offer cookies to go with business meetings, celebrations or receptions? First, thanks to the natural ingredients of La Delizia products no one will leave with a stomachache and second, they stay fresh for much more than the well-known savory scones, which are only good when eaten fresh. They can be consumed even six weeks after purchase, so it’s enough to open the amount that is needed. Savory cookies are extremely suitable at wine tastings, especially the kind that contains more cheese than flour. The sweeter kinds are recommended for weddings, feasts or basically anywhere where it’s important to match food with alcoholic beverages. A cake with cream on top is not something that would do in this case.
Macaron macro
La Delizia will also make an appearance on Macaron Day on March 20. And that with a very special product: Luck Kiss became the hallmark of the shop thanks to its large size. We had to get up early to see how the double-chocolate favorite is made as macarons are the most difficult to make among cookies. Stirring, mixing, filtering, drawing, waiting, skinning, pushing, baking, filling, sticking, sampling – the whole process takes more than two hours. The success of the daily quantity is a cause for happiness for even experienced confectioners and at La Delizia it’s an everyday chore. Besides the one with Belgian chocolate, you can have another with sour cherry but they are planning to make macarons of nut flour filled with nougat in the future.
When summer comes…
La Delizia won’t be left without life as Macaron Day ends. Be prepared for the takeover of Mediterranean feelings. Summer has some new products in store, such as fruit shakes or refreshing lemonades. Two tables will make it out to the terrace, where guests can enjoy the piquantly natural flavors. Klári Korokmay will assist with the soft drinks. The spices used will surely include lemon balm, ginger, mint and rosemary. We can only hope that there’s delivery company out there that can be careful enough with a fragile order, so that we wouldn’t have to leave the confines of our homes to sink our teeth into the delicacies of La Delizia.