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Budapest Timelined

Műcsarnok, kiállítás

Budapest is a city that changes day after day after day. Every park, street and square bears the marks of history, the destruction of war and the eclectic nature of rebuilding. Read on for stills from the bygone century and pictures of buildings from the here and now.

We’d like to show you the past and current face of the city with the help of Timeline. What could a concert at Ifjúsági Park, the iconic place of music and dancing for youngsters in the ‘60s and ‘70s by the Castle, be like? Or reading newspaper at the boulevard by the Danube in a sunny afternoon? Or having lunch at Kék Duna restaurant facing the demolished Castle? Pay a visit to our Facebook page, browse through our pictures and feel the presence of war, development and socialism. And come back regularly as we’re going to continue the series and be back with a new bunch soon. For the up-to-date posts, chech out our Facebook page.

Our compilations so far: