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Taxis and car rentals

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You will find some useful information about these ways of transport below.

It is quite easy to recognize a taxi in Hungary because they have yellow license plates and an eye-catching taxi sign on the top. All taxis have a taximeter inside in order to calculate your fare easier and they give you a receipt at the end of your journey. The fare has two elements: a minimum tariff and the distance measured by the meter. They sometimes add waiting time to the fare. If you are satisfied with the service, it is common to give a tip to the driver, which is usually the 10% of the fare. In Hungary, you order a taxi on the phone rather than hailing one, you will get a cheaper ride. Operators speak good English, you only need to tell your name and address or the place where you are. Waiting time can vary but it cannot exceed 15 minutes.

Car Rentals
It is not too difficult to drive in Hungary, since the country has elaborately planned road system that connects Budapest to all the neighboring countries. There are three different types of roads in the Hungarian system. Highways are signed with ‘M’ and a one-digit number marks main domestic roads. Two- or three-digit numbers mark second-rate roads. For using the highways, you need to pay a charge. You can buy a highway ticket on any petrol station. You will not get a sticker, but the computer system will record your license number, so you can start immediately.

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There are many car rentals around, so it cannot be a problem to rent a car. You can find all types, models and sizes in their offers. At the agencies, they usually speak good English and they have extra offers and services like the non-stop renting service. It is advisable to double-check the agencies, since their prices and services can be variable. The basic requirements are the same: you need a drivers’ license, an ID card, a credit card and you need to pay around 100 000 HUF for security.