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Budapest’s Ludwig Museum presents Hungarian neo-Avant-Garde art

A new exhibit emphasizes the significance of an artistic group that pushed boundaries on the periphery of the Hungarian art scene in the 1960s and...

Visit offices of cool companies during Startup Safary Budapest

Over 100 companies, startups, co-working spaces, and community hotspots open their offices to the public during this gigantic two-day entrepreneurial...

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7 exciting exhibits on view in Budapest during spring 2017

Fragrant flowers paint the colors of the rainbow across Budapest with the long-awaited return of warmer weather, but it’s not only the city’s parks...

Movies screening in English in Budapest: February 2017

If you don’t speak Hungarian but want to visit the cinema in Budapest, it can be difficult to find out which films are showing in English (or another...

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Gellért Hill Price category €€€€€

WLB tip
Badges Must-see sights, Green spaces, Districts, Buda, Child-friendly, Dog-friendly

Gellért Hill (Gellért-hegy), a gemstone of Budapest, rises above the skyline of Buda with its 235 metres. Nestled between the Elizabeth Bridge and the Liberty Bridge, it...

1118 Budapest, Gellérthegy

Aeropark Price category €€€€€

Badges Pest, Terrace, Child-friendly, Disabled-friendly

Good news: we can still see MALÉV aeroplanes in Budapest, like MALvinka - one of the residents of Aeropark. The aeroplane museum next to Terminal 2B at Liszt Ferenc...

1185 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc Nemzetközi Repülőtér 19.

Aquaworld Resort Budapest Price category €€€€

Badges Thermal baths, Top hotels, English-friendly, Pest, Disabled-friendly, PayPass, Terrace, Child-friendly

Aquaworld Resort Budapest is a great place to rest; its relaxing services and comfortable rooms are great accessories for a long-weekend. There are 261 rooms in the main...

1044 Budapest, Íves utca 16.

Art+ Cinema Price category €€€€€

Badges Art house, Pest

In the autumn of 2015, Art+ Cinema took the place of Örökmozgó Filmklub, which moved to the Buda hills. Besides movie screenings, the art cinema hosts film festivals...

1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 39.

Átrium Film & Theatre Price category €€€€€

Badges Contemporary performance, Buda, LGBT, Dog-friendly, English-friendly

The long-established Átrium Film & Theatre (Átrium Film-Színház) near Margaret Bridge received a complete blood transfusion, which resulted in a revamped interior and...

1024 Budapest, Margit körút 55.

BarCraft Price category €€€€€

Badges English-friendly, Pest

BarCraft, the first esport bar of Budapest (and Hungary) opened in the Corvin Quarter. This is the place where no one will give you weird looks when you say MMORPG. Open...

1092 Budapest, Ferenc körút 34.

BeerBike Price category €€€€€

Badges Pest, Trending, For cyclists, English-friendly, Smoking

The idea of BeerBike came from the West, where cheerful young people has been cycling through cities for quite some years now. The program is great for team building and...

1075 Budapest, Madách Square 3.

Békás Playground Price category €€€€€

Badges Buda, Child-friendly

We can find Békás (“Froggy”) playground at a hilly area of Békásmegyer. The central element of the playground is, appropriately, a big green frog. Slides, swings, a...

1038 Budapest, Templom utca
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