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There's the beef: Budapest's best hamburgers

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 — János Jancsa

The Hungarian capital's hamburger revolution has officially reached a higher level, and nowadays we can expect top-quality burgers even in the smallest places - something we only dreamed of some years ago. In the previous year, there were several changes: some places closed, some transformed, and some new ones opened. As Hungary's national Burger Days soon arrive on June 20-22, we gathered a list of the city's best purveyors of juicy patties, sorted into categories in order to make your bun-biting decisions easier.

Worth the money

Robinson Restaurant

Photo: János Jancsa

Dario Cecchini - does the name ring a bell? It's okay if your answer is no... he is only one of the world's best butchers, who just happens to provide meat to this restaurant rocking on the City Park lake. The burgers grilled in the Josper charcoal oven here are amazingly good and original, but we were not disappointed by the other meats (steaks!), either. Recently a new chef arrived - Gábor Ferencz, who came from Opus restaurant, bringing the same dedication to quality with him. Attention: you can only order burgers in the evening!

Price: 4,500 forints

Baltazár Budapest

Photo: Baltazár

Baltazár Budapest

1014 Budapest, Országház utca 31.

At the newest hotspot restaurant in the Castle District, the burgers are made with homemade minced meat and cooked in another Josper oven. The recommendation from the chef, Zsolt Litauszki: the beef burger with porcini mushrooms and blue cheese.  

Price: 2,480 - 2,980 forints

TGI Friday’s

Photo: János Jancsa

Address: 1067 Budapest, Oktogon Square 3.
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 11am - 12am

Everyone is welcome to enjoy true American-style burgers at Oktogon and in the WestEnd Mall, with their huge patties topped with thick cheese and crispy onion rings. Their specialties include the Philly cheesesteak, guacamole, and Jack Daniel's hamburgers.  

Price: 2,750 - 3,450 forints

Gourmet quality

Pesti Burger & Bar

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

Address: 1094 Budapest, Tompa utca 21.
Opening hours: 12:00 - 22:00

The greatest discovery of the year for burger fanatics! The little bar, hidden in the heart of District IX, makes masterful burgers. If you see Imre Háda - Atakám's former owner - behind the counter, you better believe your eyes, and if you order the burger with cheese and bacon (which is actually cured ham!), or the wild-garlic version, or the oyster-mushroom burger, you will instantly understand everything. Perfect impression, fantastically delicious taste, and it disappears unbelievably quickly.  

Price: 1,290 - 1,690 forints

Worth a try


Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

W35 - American & Mexican Grill Bar

On multiple locations

Within an expanded parlor, enjoy seasonal burgers (the current one is the hot Thai red curry) along with exotic specialties like Guadalajara-style Mexican bean soup; all of this praises the handiwork of chef Dani Balogh. However, we also recommend the Stromboli (rolled pizza) or a nice quesadilla.

Price: 1,390 - 1,890 forints

Beer & Burger

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

Address: Pest VII, Wesselényi utca 32.
Opening hours: 11:00 - 03:00

This is a sports pub deluxe: large-screen TVs, cold beers, superb hamburgers, homemade fries, onion rings, and delicious dips await visitors at this place, who seemingly love what they get, because even though it has been open for only a month, it is already enjoying tremendous popularity.  

Price: 690 - 1,790 forints

With beer - pub grub

Bajor Pub

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

Address: Buda XI, Karinthy Frigyes utca 12.
Opening hours: 12:00 - 24:00

The tastiest discovery of the second half of last year was a burger place that is simply amazing. We are talking about a small pub, but what Bandi Tamás fries up in the kitchen will be the talk of the town for awhile. Burgers can be increased according to one's taste (there are 17, 25, 34, and 51 dkg options), the French fries and sauces are homemade, and - of course - nice craft beers are available, like Brewdog, Keserű Méz, and Stari. We tried a Motörhead one - it was crazy!  

Price: 1,100 - 1,700 forints

For drinking


Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest


1111 Budapest, Lágymányosi utca 19.

Not far from Bajor Pub, this place offers craft beers and superb hamburgers, and absolutely everything is made from scratch, including the fries and dips.  

Price: 1,250 forints

Kandalló Kert

Photo: Kandalló Kert

Kandalló Artisanal Pub

On multiple locations

Address: Pest VII, Klauzál utca 17.

This is bound to be a summertime favorite: great beer on tap, summery versions of popular burgers (including goat, beef, and chicken varieties) all offered for under 1,000 forints, and excellent cocktails with cucumber and mint. Everything is served in the open air, all in the middle of the city.  

Price: 950 forints


Photo: DOB3

This is a perfect place for some late-night drinking alongside their signature burger, which is adorned with blue cheese, brown-beer onion jam, and ruccola. However, they also have fine fish and chips, and an incredibly wide selection of drinks, whether you're seeking beers or shots.  

Price: 990 - 1,650 forints

DOB3 (closed)
Address:  1074 Budapest, 3. Dob Street

Buda attacks

Locavore Restaurant Budapest

Photo: János Jancsa

Address: Buda I, Naphegy utca 67.

The word "lovacore" means purchase and usage of local ingredients, thus reducing the loss of freshness during transportation and all related negative factors. Chef István Halász has considerable experience, and used all of it to put together Naphegy's burger consisting of a perfect beef patty, an aged cheese named Tehénlepény, and some lettuce with chervil and chickweed, along with Lyon onions and twice-roasted potatoes as a side dish.  

Price: 2,290 forints

Worth a visit

Magic Burger

Photo: Magic Burger

Magic Burger

1116 Budapest, Barázda utca 40.

Lilla and Peti continuously put up new foods on the menu, be they burgers, hot dogs, or desserts. The house is full practically constantly, but we should not be afraid to wait in line, because the food is worth it.  

Price: 750 - 3,350 forints

Finomító Kantin

Photo: Finomító Kantin

Address: 1027 Budapest, Varsányi Irén Street 33.
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday: 11:30am - 8pm

We do not have to stay hungry around Széna Square - at this cool locale there are great lunch menus, soups, pastas, and burgers. Recently, they reinterpreted the classic Moscow Square burger - and it even had pickles in it!  

Price: 890 - 1,290 forints

Burger's Bar

Photo: Burger's Bar

Address: Buda III, Csemete utca 10.
Opening hours: 11:00 - 24:00

District III is slowly getting stronger in its culinary character - for example, a few steps away from Kolosy Square we can find some excellent craft burgers here. Various buns, variable toppings, Cajun foods, jambalaya, and homemade sodas frequently fill the house, so do not arrive impatient!  

Price: 1,240 - 1,890 Forint

Small place, good burger

Bodega Konyha

Photo: Bodega Konyha


1095 Budapest, Nádasdy utca 12.

A cool buffet opened amid a classic caravan on Vágóhíd Street with a very cozy design and superb foods. Rock, Horrible, Chilli, Korean - these are just a few of the local burgers, but we can also try some great chilli beans or cheese soup. We recently spoke with the owner, Ákos, who ensured us that there will be further improvements regarding the Tex-Mex selection. So, if you are in District IX, do not miss out on this place!  

Price: 1,000 - 1,300 forints

More tips

Big Daddy Burger Bar

Photo: János Jancsa

Address: Buda XI, Mezőkövesd utca 2. 
Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00 

This little buffet in the southern part of District XI provides excellent burgers; in addition to the basic creations, there is one with chutney, smoked cheese, and pickled red onion, or we can also try a version stuffed with cheese and onions.  

Price: 600 - 2,500 forints

Sza-Sa Burger & Gyros

Photo: Sza-Sa

Address: Pest IX, Gubacsi utca 34.
Opening hours: 7:00 - 21:00

This great little place with delicious burgers is found deep in District IX. If we had to choose one dish, we would get the Sza-Sa burger with a egg cooked sunny-side up, along with cheese and bacon. We're looking forward to trying the burgers filled with blue and cheddar cheese.  

Price: 750 - 1,350 forints

Zing Burger

Photo: Zing

Zing Burger Food Truck

On multiple locations

Budapest's first food truck has been roaming the streets of the city, providing us with delicious burgers at every stop along the way. Street, BBQ, Guitar Hero - it does not matter which we get, each and every choice is excellent. Once you learn where the truck is, feast there on some nachos or a rich brownie.  

Price: 950 - 1,680 forints

Cheap yet good!

Black Cab Burger

Photo: Black Cab Burger

Black Cab Burger

On multiple locations

This unfairly neglected little place is located along Mester Street. Its price-to-quality ratio is very good: even the basic burger is filled with everything we might need. However, if we would like something more special, the sky is the limit. They were among the first places in Budapest to offer homemade fries, and if we are done eating, we can wash the meaty goodness down with great imported fruit juices, beers, and ciders.  

Price: 700 - 1,400 forints

Worth a look

Pig 37 Blitz-Grill

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

This small buffet does its thing quietly, but it is worth paying attention to them because of the unique flavors they create. For example, we can try the Elvis sandwich here, but lovers of the classics and sausages will find what they want too.  

Price: 700 - 1,000 forints

Update: The place is no longer operating.

Jack's Burger

Photo: Jack's

Address: 1051 Budapest, 4 Hercegprímás Street

Although many people would not expect it, the burgers here are actually pretty good, and thanks to the franchise system, we can find them at more and more places. In addition, they have hot dogs, sausages, and good fish and chips as well.  

Price: 990 - 2490 Forint

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