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Hotel President used to be famous for having its own helicopter landing pad, but today the building’s crowning surface is occupied by the Intermezzo Roof Terrace, providing a place for BBQ dinners, cocktail dates, and yoga classes. While the luxurious and exclusive feel of this rooftop bar may only seem accessible to elite clients, in reality, all walk-in guests are welcome to enjoy the spectacular panorama over the city while sipping on a classy cocktail. The bar is open from 5pm to 11pm, and visitors only need to request an entry card at the hotel reception area to enjoy the high life here.

Hotel President Budapest

1054 Budapest, Hold utca 3-5.
+36 1 510 3400

Hotel President might be the only hotel with a Presidential Suite meeting NATO security requirements in Hungary, but we don’t even have to be hotel guests to spend some quality time in this high-class establishment. After all, the hotel’s most sensational amenity is open to everyone, including walk-in guests – although we recommend taking the elevator instead of climbing the stairs to the 8th floor. The Intermezzo Roof Terrace offers a stunning panorama over Budapest, allowing guests to enjoy close-up views of the Art Nouveau tiles on the nearby Hungarian State Treasury, the 96-meter-high Parliament dome, and virtually anything else found citywide that isn’t obscured by a taller building.

Photo: Attila Polyák/We Love Budapest

The rooftop of Hotel President used to operate as a helicopter landing pad, but over time, the chopper handed the place over to instead host cushioned outdoor furniture, an open grill, a bar counter, and of course, guests looking for a good time. To access the rooftop bar, all we need to do is walk into the hotel, request a (free) entry card at the reception, and take the elevator to the 8th floor – although we do have to switch rides on the 5th floor along the way.

Photo: Hotel President

Once we reach the top, we can take photos at the selfie wall (whose users can also join a game and possibly win a prize), eat, and drink – and on June 27th, we can also join a BBQ-themed dinner party. Thanks to popular urban yogi Petra Szappan, sporty guests can also participate in special yoga lessons, where they can focus on the Liberation Monument during the balance poses.

Photo: Petraflow

Although Intermezzo Roof Terrace was also operating last year, the place became even more lively this summer with a better design, which allows for a more youthful atmosphere while remaining out of sight from the crowds below. The menu also changed: now, all dishes – from burgers to rib-eye steaks – are prepared at the open grill. The cocktails are flashier, the pallet furniture and sunbeds remain as comfy as ever, and new events are emerging on the horizon.

Photo: Hotel President

While #highlife does come with higher prices, the experience is definitely worth the money every once in a while, especially on special occasions. However, we strongly recommend reserving a table for dinner in order to best experience the elevated atmosphere of Hotel President.

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