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Thai Spicy Nine serves authentic dishes in downtown Budapest 4/20/2017

The newest Thai eatery of Hungary’s capital provides specialties that are typically sold on the streets of Bangkok within a casual-restaurant setting.

Budapest’s fresh Három Tarka Macska bakery is the cat’s meow 4/19/2017

The newest shop of District XIII offers delicious breads and breakfasts, and a purrrfect name: Három Tarka Macska, which translates to “Three Spotted Cats”.

Savor luxuriously healthy meals at Budapest’s new Oh My Green 4/18/2017

Pampering the taste buds of people who follow special diets, Oh My Green serves tasty smoothies, satisfying salads, and superfoods instead of ordinary dishes.

Budapest’s Dobrumba melds Middle Eastern and Mediterranean tastes 4/13/2017

We went to the popular new Dobrumba restaurant in District VII, a New York-style eatery with meals typical of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions.

Enjoy thematic Sunday brunches at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest 4/12/2017

Every Sunday – including during Easter – this historic downtown hotel pampers restaurant guests with a lavish smorgasbord of creatively themed brunch delights.

16+1 Budapest cocktail bars for sipping with intoxicating style 4/11/2017

We posted our last cocktail roundup in 2014, so once again we explored the wide selection of high-class drinks that Budapest boasts and found new favorites.

Try unique street-food dumplings at Budapest’s new Mamma Sferico 4/10/2017

A creative casual restaurant recently opened on Museum Boulevard, offering dumplings made of pasta and rice, and served with various sauces and toppings.

Indulge in healthy sweets at Budapest’s Édes Pötty paleo place 4/6/2017

A recently opened confectionery on the city’s Buda side proffers healthy and fresh paleo cakes that are made without gluten, sugar, lactose, and eggs.

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