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Vogue shows the naked beauty of Budapest’s thermal baths

Photo: Márton Perlaki

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 — We Love Budapest

Illustrated with powerful shots by internationally acclaimed Hungarian photographer Márton Perlaki, a fresh article in Vogue presents rarely captured sights inside a trio of the city’s most famous spas. The creatively filmed images are a result of Perlaki’s recent assignment in the Magyar metropolis, when the New York-based artist joined his mother and her best friends on the team’s regular recreational jaunt at Budapest’s thermal baths. The article evokes Perlaki’s “subaquean” memories as a child in a sentimental flow of descriptions and a series of elaborate images, all taken at the baths.

The sprawling network of subterranean waters that feeds the Hungarian capital’s centuries-old spas repeatedly inspires international publications to capture the city’s relationship to its thermally heated pools, and articles about Budapest’s attractions often highlight the well-established bathhouse culture of the Magyar metropolis. However, in a recent piece published by Vogue, the fashionable magazine adds a stylish twist to the story and reveals ordinary scenes at the city’s baths that are often overlooked by photographers.

Photo: Márton Perlaki

The magazine dives into the Hungarian capital’s healing havens through the vivid recollections of prominent Magyar photographer Márton Perlaki, who “owes his life to the springs” as his parents first met in the baths. On a recent trip to his native city, Perlaki – who holds sweet memories of childhood visits to the spas – joined his mother and her crew on their regular aquatic recreational excursion to discover that “the baths reignited the same visceral sense of joys and calm he remembered as a child”. Nonetheless, Vogue is not the first international publication that presents Perlaki’s photos: the artist has already gained fame with such global media outlets as Time, M le Monde, and Holiday Magazine.

Photo: Márton Perlaki

In this fresh article, plenty of the photographer’s striking pictures demonstrate mystical scenes inside these heavenly hangouts, including a black-and-white image of Gellért Bath’s Art Nouveau facilities, a photo capturing regular aquatic attractions at Széchenyi Bath, or a shot showing underwater exercise in Lukács Bath. Other immortalized scenes embrace Perlaki’s mother as she is making the most of the fascinating facilities and enjoying the waters’ rejuvenating effects.

Photo: Márton Perlaki

To read Perlaki’s contemplations and see all of the captivating images he took at the baths, log onto the original article published on the Vogue website.

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