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Budapest’s riverfront District XIII promenade is being renewed

Photo: Budapest.hu (Enviroduna)

Thursday, January 26, 2017 — We Love Budapest

New visual plans reveal detailed proposals for a renewed waterside walkway and bicycle path in Budapest’s increasingly popular District XIII. The revitalized promenade will eventually extend between the Parliament and northern Pest’s Rákos Creek.

A new promenade and bicycle path will be built along the Pest riverbank of the Danube, between the Parliament and Rákos Creek in northern Pest, and the nearby areas will be cleaned up soon, as well, according to Budapest’s official website. Thus, there will soon be a direct connection established between the upper region of District XIII and the city center. Construction work has already begun: during spring, they will deal with the southern coastline, and then work will continue as the section between Kossuth Square and Margaret Bridge will be renewed, as well – but only after the FINA World Championship, taking place in Budapest this year.

Photo: Budapest.hu (Enviroduna)

The goal is to completely and comprehensively renew the quays of Budapest, and to improve the livability of the banks of the Danube, since making the riverbank more attractive will make the city more welcoming, as well. The northern quay will be named Moszkva (Moscow) Promenade, and will run between the junction of Dráva Street and Népfürdő Street, and Árpád Bridge. Here, a four-meter-wide promenade and a 2x1.25-meter-wide bicycle path will be built.

Photo: Budapest.hu (Enviroduna)

This development is scheduled be completed by the spring of 2017. On the southern coastline, between Dráva Street and Margaret Bridge, a six-meter-wide promenade will be built for pedestrians with decorative paving, and a ten-meter-wide section will be reserved for car traffic. Construction work on the southern coastline began in the second week of January 2017.

Photo: Budapest.hu (Enviroduna)

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