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A new direct airport bus will soon serve central Budapest 6/27/2017

Beginning July 8th, a direct bus service will be added to the city’s public-transport network to carry passengers between the Budapest Airport and downtown.

Short Budapest Fiction: “Soproni 1895” 6/26/2017

A down-and-drunken Budapest dweller groggily discovers that he’s traveled back in time to the city’s golden age – but can he stagger back into the present?

Budapest’s Színes Város Festival 2017 adds fresh color citywide 6/26/2017

Happening for the fourth time this summer, the Színes Város Festival allows contemporary artists to adorn empty walls with amazing murals all over Budapest.

Budapest Weekend Guide: June 23-25 6/23/2017

Festivals, exhibits, concerts, and more – we offer plenty of suggestions for where to go, what to do, and who must not be missed during the next three days.

Retro Railways: ride Budapest’s 143-year-old Cogwheel Railway 6/22/2017

Trundling up the Buda Hills since the 1870s, this landmark train line climbs extraordinarily steep slopes to carry passengers to the city’s panoramic peaks.

See what life is like on a friendly goat farm near Budapest 6/22/2017

There is a farm near Budapest that is open all day to visitors who want to unwind amid a rustic atmosphere, while wandering around petting cute animals.

A gorgeous drone video zooms in on Budapest’s Parliament 6/21/2017

Never before have we been able to see features of Hungary’s Parliament – like its graceful spires and colorful stained-glass windows – in such detail.

Photo Essay: Budapest’s Liberty Bridge is a summer scene again 6/20/2017

Last weekend, Budapest’s statuesque green span turned into an urban playground as thousands of city dwellers occupied the Liberty Bridge for open-air fun.

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