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Budapest’s Liberty Bridge may once again be a summer picnic spot

After Liberty Bridge was closed to auto traffic last year, it spontaneously became a popular recreation space. A new movement aims to make that happen...

Budapest’s City Park may become a culture and recreation center

Renovations have been under way in Budapest’s second-largest public park since 2011, within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project. Here’s what’s...

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6 ways to celebrate Easter 2017 in Budapest and beyond

Plenty of alfresco attractions honor Hungarian Easter traditions across Budapest and in the countryside with cheerful jamborees featuring local...

Movies screening in English in Budapest: April 2017

If you don’t speak Hungarian but want to visit the cinema in Budapest, it can be difficult to find out which films are showing in English (or another...

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Gellért Hill Price category €€€€€

WLB tip
Badges Must-see sights, Green spaces, Districts, Buda, Child-friendly, Dog-friendly

Gellért Hill (Gellért-hegy), a gemstone of Budapest, rises above the skyline of Buda with its 235 metres. Nestled between the Elizabeth Bridge and the Liberty Bridge, it...

1118 Budapest, Gellérthegy

Palace District Price category €€€€€

WLB tip
Badges Districts, Pest

The part of Józsefváros inside the Grand Boulevard is completely different from the stereotypical 8th District, thanks to its beautiful middle-class houses and its...

1088 Budapest, Múzeum körút

Andrássy Avenue Price category €€€€€

Badges Must-see sights, Transport hub, Pest

Andrássy Avenue is the Hungarian Champs-Élysées. It was built for the millennial celebrations of 1896 and connects Városliget and Heroes’ Square to the downtown area...

1062 Budapest, Andrássy út

Assisi Szent Ferenc Church Price category €€€€€

Badges Churches, Pest

Assisi Szent Ferenc Church, the first modern nineteenth century church of Budapest, was finished in 1879 - after more than ten years of construction. Numerous famous...

1092 Budapest, Bakáts tér 13.

Bálna Budapest Price category €€€€€

Badges For cyclists, English-friendly, Pest, Terrace, Child-friendly

Sometimes referred to as Budapest's Eiffel Tower, Bálna (“Whale”) is a marvelous and monumental attraction on the bank of the Danube, near the Great Market Hall...

1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12.

Bartók Béla Boulevard (BBB) Price category €€€€€

Badges Transport hub, Buda

Bartók Béla Boulevard is the new trendy name of Bartók Béla Avenue, and the team behind it that aims to bring a lively buzz back to this historic area of Budapest...

1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út

Bikás Park Price category €€€€€

Badges Green spaces, Buda, Child-friendly, For cyclists, Dog-friendly

Bikás Park is one of the well-liked green corners of Újbuda. The park has been renewed and provides sporting opportunities for the young and old - plus our four-legged...

1119 Budapest, Bikás Park
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