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3 cool videos that captured Budapest during winter 2017 3/27/2017

Now that springtime is here, we take one last look back at the cold season with this trio of freshly released mini-movies made by artistic Budapest visitors.

3 blooming botanical gardens around Budapest 3/24/2017

Enjoy these early days of spring by admiring the reawakening of nature at these three public gardens in Budapest, featuring flora from Hungary and far beyond.

5 retro mini-movies showing Budapest between 1896 and the 1970s 3/23/2017

Travel back in time to see the evolution of Hungary’s capital from the late 19th century through the country’s communist era in this collection of videos.

17 of Budapest’s best late-night restaurants for drunken dining 3/21/2017

Avoid a hangover by lining your stomach with tasty treats from some of the city’s finest after-hours eateries, which eagerly welcome staggering snackers.

14 things that locals love about Budapest 3/20/2017

From getting around the city on bicycles to visiting art-house cinemas, learn what Hungarians cherish when they are out and about in the Magyar metropolis.

10 living landmarks full of buzz in Budapest 3/16/2017

Besides serving as picturesque snapshot subjects, these key sights in Hungary’s capital buzz with life year-round, like the Opera House and the Parliament.

Then/Now: 7 historic Budapest sites of Hungary’s 1848 Revolution 3/15/2017

Follow the footsteps of the Magyar rebels who led the outbreak of Hungary’s uprising against the oppressive Austrian Empire in Budapest on March 15th of 1848.

Free events honor Hungary’s 1848 Revolution on March 15th, 2017 3/14/2017

On Wednesday, several events honor the Hungarian uprising against the Austrian Empire, including striking military processions and free programs citywide.

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