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Oddities fill Budapest’s public-transport lost-and-found office

Dentures, weird toys, and revolutionary literature are just a few of the peculiar treasures that have been forgotten on Budapest’s buses, trams, and...

Taxify provides innovative, easy, and traceable rides in Budapest

Since this past summer, the international taxi network’s Hungary branch provides comfortable transportation for city dwellers in Budapest with 150...

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9 Budapest ice-skating rinks for winter 2017

This winter, many frosty facilities welcome everyone in Budapest for graceful (or even clumsy) gliding citywide, including a couple of particularly...

The best 2017 diaries and planners made by Hungarian designers

Today more and more people organize their lives in cyberspace, so now paper-printed organizers or journals must be extra-special. Modern diaries are...

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Kiskovász Bakery Price category €€€€€

WLB tip
Badges Bakeries, New place, Pest

According to the owner of Kiskovász Bakery, Péter Sábli, the secret to excellent bread is: flour, salt, water, and 'matured' yeast. The pastries are made according to...

1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 36.

NAPSVGAR Price category €€€€€

WLB tip
Badges Hungarian designers, Accessories, Pest, Trending, English-friendly

The main characteristics of the luxury brand are a progressive zeitgeist, and the integration of technological innovation into the world of fashion. The designer behind...

1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 21. I/2

Prezent Price category €€€€

WLB tip
Badges Souvenir, Design shop, Hungarian designers, Accessories, Buda

This small shop called Prezent is found in the Tabán district of Budapest, proffering the beautiful fair trade products of nearly 20 Hungarian designers, manufacturers...

1013 Budapest, Döbrentei utca 16.

Györgytea - Gyuri bácsi's herbal teas Price category €€€€€

Badges Pest

There is a shop in downtown Budapest that sells carefully selected tea specialties and healing herbs. György Szabó and his daughter own the shop that made Gyuri bácsi...

1054 Budapest, Bank utca 4.

Akademia Italia Budapest Price category €€€€€

Badges Italian, Delicatessens and liquor stores, Pest, English-friendly, Terrace

Akademia Italia Budapest houses a restaurant, a confectionery, a pizzeria, and a cooking school all in one spot. This huge and decorative building is found adjacent to...

1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 12.

Alfréd Hajós National Swimming Complex Price category €€€€€

Badges Swimming pools and Water parks, Pest, PayPass

The sports swimming complex named after (and designed by) the first Hungarian Olympic champion was the first covered swimming complex of Hungary. This is the centre of...

1138 Budapest, Margitsziget

Alterego Shop Price category €€€€€

Badges Pest

If you want to buy (slightly used) brand clothing at a cheap price, but don't want to look like someone from the Ramones, you should drop by Alterego on Erzsébet körút...

1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 4.
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