Nyelv kiválasztása: Magyar

One of the most popular, award-winning restaurants of today is found in Buda, right off Elizabeth Bridge, on the edge of Tabán. The chef of Aranyszarvas introduced significant changes in 2008, and the place was transformed entirely in terms of both design and flavours.

Entering, you are greeted by a pleasant bistro ambiance; there are 2 and 4-seat tables under whitewashed vaults, above hang the gilded chandelier and the deer trophy, the shelves that run along the walls are full of wine bottles, and the black wall displays the daily menu. Aranyszarvas already has one of the best contemporary Hungarian kitchens in Budapest, but it still continues to improve.Its desserts as well as its pork dishes are outstanding. In the summer you can enjoy its creations, and a breath-taking panorama outside, on a lovely terrace.

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1013 Budapest, Szarvas tér 1.
+36 1 375 6451
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