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Gozsdu Udvar

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The Gozsdu Udvar is named after a Romanian lawyer, Manó Gozsdu who was famous for investing his fortunes into buying real-estate. The Gozsdu Udvar was designed and built by the famous architect Győző Czigler in 1902, almost 30 years after Gozsdu himself has passed away. The complex consists of 7 building and six inner courts – these places played a very important life of the Jewish community. The first Jewish prayer houses were established here alongside different stores and shops. A lot has changed ever since but the Gozsdu Udvar is still full of life – it is almost like a small city within the city. You can find a whole bunch of cafés, bars, restaurants, shops and clubs here and you can also expect for art exhibitions, fairs and gigs as well all year long, so don’t hesitate to discover the place.

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